The Jordan Crawford Dunk on LeBron James

The internets are all a twitter (literally) with the Jordan Crawford dunk over LeBron James today. Apparently TMZ got a hold of some video, and was going to premier it on TV this evening. However then for some reason the video was posted on their site, and pretty much everyone was disappointed. Then very shortly there after, eBaum Nation released their own video, with much higher quality. It’s filmed through the backboard, but you can see the play much better:

So that kinda makes you wonder how much TMZ paid, versus if eBaum even paid at all. Either way, the dunk wasn’t the most impressive thing ever, and Lebron is still a baby for confiscating the tape. I still prefer the LSU Freak version.

** UPDATE : The Sporting Blog has done some nice work on the behind the scenes stuff that went on in securing this video. Apparently TMZ paid $3,000 for their video (below) and eBaum paid $5,000 to trump them. **

Of course there is also this take:

… and then the interview with Jordan Crawford :