The Many Faces of Randy Moss

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You may view Randy Moss as one of the greatest football players of all time. You may view him as the best receiver the game has seen since Jerry Rice. You may view him as a malcontent, an agitator, and a front runner. You may view him as a convict, a competitor, a cheat, or a champion, or anything in between.

We view Randy as a fashionista, as a man who uses fame to invite the eyes of the world to his own personal journey of life. So now, as Randy Moss retires, take a journey with us, won’t you, through the many faces of Randy Moss.

Randy Moss… The Disgruntled Employee

Here is Randy’s press conference following a New England victory over the Bengals, a victory soured for Moss by the persistent rumor of trade and speculation (all proving true)… and Moss, fashioned in honor of a style that resembles some kind of love child by Allen Iverson and Radio Raheem, portrays his anger and frustration through wardrobe. He just looks pissed off… doesn’t he?

And Randy’s just getting started…

Randy WV Sweater

Randy Moss… Supporter of Collegiate Athletics

Randy Moss… Kind-Hearted Jokester and Fan of the Man of Steel

Randy Moss Penguin 560x841

Randy Moss… Fan of All Living Creatures Big and Small

Randy Moss… Purveyor of Fine Jewelry for the Heart, Soul, and Hair

Randy Nascar

Randy Moss… NASCAR Icon and Pitchman for the People

Randy Moss… Mogul of Physical Health and Conditioning

Randy Pony

Randy Moss… Historian of the Athletic Past (an homage to Spud Webb)

Randy Moss… Keenly, Refreshingly Unaware of his Persona

Randy Camo

Randy Moss… Futuristic Sportsman of Mars (where orange camo would sense…)

Randy Moss… Dashing, Daper, and Painfully Honest

Randy Afro 2

Randy Moss… Afrocentric (well, kind of…)

Randy Moss… Homestruck Lover of the Community

Randy Tecmo

Randy Moss… Old School

Randy Moss… Merry Prankster

Randy Fishing 560x746

Randy Moss… Angler

Randy Moss… Fuckin’ Showoff

Randy Confused 560x350

Randy Moss… Black George Clooney meets Unibomber Beatnik

And who can forget… last on the list, but first in your hearts…

Randy Moss… Straight Cash Homey