The Masters as a Miniature Golf Course

golf header 560x304The Masters is officially under way, golf fans. Shhhh!!!! Not so loud, Y.E. Yang is trying to putt. Oh, sorry. I don’t want to be one of THOSE guys. Anyway, the next four days will be chock-full of crushing tee-shots, miraculous birdies, approach shots that find the water and likely a couple of classic meltdowns by contending players. Augusta is no easy trek, that’s for sure. But what if it resembled a miniature golf course complete with giant windmills and loopty-loop obstacles? That would be awesome, eh? Well, thanks to a brilliant guy named Ben Fogg, we no longer have to imagine what that would look like.

Note : This is a re-post from last year when this video originally went viral. Unfortunately the BBC has removed the YouTube version, but through extensive research we’ve found the original source so we could relive the brilliance.