Movember Mustache Style Guides

Movember 560x246We’re now officially one week into Movember, so we figured its about time we provide some guidance to those Mo Bros who are looking for a bit of styling advice. You have some hair up there, but its about time you shape it into something that looks intentional.

We had every intention of putting together a style guide with photos of various types of staches, but like everything on the internet, we realized its been done before, many many times. So instead we have decided to post a collection of various style guides from around the Net, to give you a choice of which direction to go. We previously discussed this topic on our podcast, and utilized the American Mustache Institute as our main source, which lists them like this :

mustache choices

The Official Movember Style Guides (from recent years) :

Movember+Style+Guide 560x792

MoStyleGuide 560x791

mo style guide

Movember Guide 2010 560x398

The Mario Style Guide :


The Celebrity Stache T-Shirt :

mustache guide 560x560

Typography Mustaches :


Typestaches Final 560x746Mustaches throughout history:

1 1Other Random Style Guides :

Tache Desktop Red 560x350

mo bro full 560x306Moustache guide 560x448…and finally, the Lord of the Rings Facial Hair Guide :

movember 1 560x428