The New ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ Trailer Will Invade Your Mind

battle los angeles 560x263

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might start looking into Hollywood’s motivation for releasing all these alien invasion flicks. It can’t merely be the desire to earn a surplus of cash by preying upon humanity’s worst fears. There must be a deeper, more sinister reason. Maybe it’s the government’s way of not-so subtlety warning us that legions of vindictive aliens are, as I write this, plotting to lay siege upon the world’s cities and enslave and/or murder all those who resist.

Of course, that’s utter nonsense. Those of us with an iota of logic know the planet will be annihilated┬áby a swarm of giant killer bees in 2015. The Mayans were retards. Nostradamus was a pathological liar. Al Gore is a douchebag alarmist who enjoys attaching electrodes to his nipples while having sex (allegedly). Wake up, people! The real threat is giant killer bees.

Anyway, here’s the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles due out in March 2011. Shit blows up. Buildings burn. Folks die.