The Old Man vs. The Library


A rare picture of Mr. Xinos, without his head shoved up his own ass.

Sometimes you’ll see a news story that makes you want to punch someone in the throat, then piss on them while they gasp for air. For example, the story of Constantine “Conny” Xinos, and his dispute with his local public library. It seems Mr. Xinos, a 69 year old criminal attorney, and the president of the homeowners association in his gated community, doesn’t like the library because it’s a ‘welfare bookstore’ and ‘only poor people use them.’

When asked about the children at the Oak Brook village council meeting he made cry with his tirade against the library, he grinned and said “I wanted that kid to lose sleep that night.” (Yes, ladies and gentleman that’s a direct quote)

What is it you have against poor people, asshat? Afraid they might improve themselves, gain a little knowledge, and *gasp* become RICH people??? Or are you just experiencing man-o-pause? Have the impulse to yell at kids to get off your lawn, but can’t because you live behind an iron gate? Or is it just the fact, no matter how much you roll around in all that dirty dirty lawyer money, you can’t make your dick work without those special pills.

Oh I think I know what it is: You’re an elitist tard that made your fortune off the backs of common people without a shred of human decency. I wasn’t at all surprised to find out you’re a lawyer, another scumbag in a suit. Maybe you’ll wind up with herpes, that you caught from your wife, who caught it from the pool boy. You know, the pool boy, who had nothing to do after work, because the library was closed.

Article by Mike Jordan