The Poet – Oatmeal Stout

The Poet – Oatmeal Stout

New Holland Brewing, Co. – Holland, MI

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Information: From the SiteThe Poet has a rich, smooth malt character enveloped in tones of roast and chocolate. A soft mouth-feel brings luxurious flavors and soothing aroma. Any time of year, The Poet is as versatile as it is delicious. It pairs wonderfully with earthy flavors such as mushrooms and beef, while remaining the perfect accent to any chocolate dessert.

When autumn arrives, one of the first things to cross the mind is heavier, deeper, darker beers; stouts, porters, and the like. This is a good portion of the reason why I love this season so much. Another reason is because I absolutely love Halloween and all the horror business that it entails. So, when the two combine, only good things can come to fruition. Now, take that coupling and make the creep terror be from the master Edgar Allen Poe, and I’m in beer/horror heaven. And so, on to The Poet…

It’s dark. That’s a fact, Jack. And the temporary creamy head is thick and heavy. The nose is purely stuffed with mochas, rich chocolates, and breakfasty espresso. It is such a wonderful smell and every reason why I absolutely love these types of beers. The more you swirl and the more you open it up (I’d recommend a glass a bit larger than the 12 ounces poured, like maybe an Irish Pub Pint glass) the deeper and more complex the aromas become. Syrupy, vanillas, and even brown sugar play their rolls. This is a cookie in a cup!

Yes! Chocolate to the Nth degree! This is like something Hershey would brew! Just as the opening states, this beer would be amazing with a Ragu (the actual meaty, unctuous sauce, not the jarred shit) or a slow roasted joint… the beef, guys not reefer! Well, on second thought… No, no, seriously. This would also hit it off greatly with rich chocolate cake or cherry cordials. It has such a well rounded flavor with a mild nuttiness and a fresh-ground coffee melody. It is exceptionally tasty. A great introduction to stout, for those unaccustomed. Try some!

Rating: * * * * 1/2
I have yet to find a weak or unappealing stout, and this is certainly not one of those.