The Presidential Check List

obama2 75x75

Okay, here’s the official list. With Barack Obama taking office, we can finally cross off ‘Black’ from the list of types of people who have sat on the U.S. throne.

Down so far…

  • Whitey
  • Catholic
  • cripple 75x75Cripple (that’s what they called it back then)
  • Redneck
  • Actor
  • Mentally Challenged
  • Black

A huge proponent of diversity in the high office, I dream that I will be able to cross everyone off this list in my lifetime, in THIS order:

  • Native Americanjedi 75x75
  • Jew (to think Joseph Lieberman came SOOO close)
  • Asian
  • Hindu
  • Jedi
  • Gay (Actually, there’s a theory that Lincoln was a homosexual but unless there’s a photo of him making out with Hannibal Hamlin, this seat remains vacant)
  • Buddhistwoman 75x75
  • Hobbit
  • Muslim (Obama could’ve killed two birds with one stone here but just HAD to pick Christ over Muhammad)
  • Hispanic
  • Woman (ok, long shot, I know)