The Real Sarah Palin on SNL

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Sarah Palin on Vogue Cover

From ABC News:

“Three things happened Saturday night: Tina Fey met her career maker on “Saturday Night Live,” Sarah Palin showed she could laugh along with the joke and the space-time continuum remained intact. At least for now.

Palin’s appearance was, no doubt, the most anticipated “SNL” event of the season — preliminary numbers show it boosted the late-night comedy show to its highest ratings in 14 years.

Palin debuted during the cold open of the Oct. 18 episode, crashing a mock news conference helmed by Fey’s version of her. Watching the real Palin walk past the woman who, pretty much single-handedly, crafted the national conception of her as “Caribou Barbie” was chilling, if not exactly LOL-funny.

Later, Palin took a seat on “SNL’s” “Weekend Update.” She pretended to chicken out of doing a rap about the McCain-Palin campaign, instead handing the microphone to Amy Poehler who spit rhymes like “I’m Jeremiah Wright ’cause tonight I’m the preacha//I got a bookish look and you’re all hot for teacha. … All the mavericks in the house put your hands up” while attempting to raise the roof from her anchor chair.”

My 2 cents: Sarah Palin’s appearance on SNL shouldn’t hurt the campaign at all. Why? The recent SNL episodes had doubled their rating ever since Tina Fey started her impersonation of Governor Palin, with the last episode topping all previous SNL episodes with numbers matching primetime shows. Even though she may not have what it takes to be in the White House, you can’t deny the future possible VPILF gets every horny male’s attention.