The Red House is NOT Racist

As technology moves long and the quality of everything gets better, part of me fears we’ll lose the local commercial. Not that they’ll disappear, they will still air. But they won’t have the bizarre WTF moment that they often provide. That why it pleases me to see this Red House commercial (also check out their website). It’s a true classic. Bravo Gentlemen!

I love how the white guy can’t wait to stop shaking the black customer’s hand. And I also love that for such a big person, that black guy has a very weak handshake. It’s almost like he didn’t want to touch that white woman! But maybe ne just didn’t want to break her. I half expected him to say “I’m into pumping iron – and white women!”

And if that wasn’t enough for you, here are some YouTube ads by sketch comedy group Big Dog Eat Child. These commercials are ripe for mockey and BDEC does it well: