The ‘Seeking Asian Female’ Myth

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They actually refer to it as ‘yellow fever.’ It is a purely male fantasy which has tangible results every year. Hell, they even have websites fully devoted to this fantasy. The idea is that you have an entire culture of hot exotic women with zero body fat who were conditioned since birth to fulfill virtually any sexual fantasy submissively and just happen to think that ugly American men are all the rage simply because they are American!

Thus, you have an entire culture of ugly American men who think that they can have a really hot sexually freaky wife who wants nothing more than to be your willing everything just to be in America. After all, if you have a hot wife, you can even start to look as cool as this guy!

261845727 640 e1368132308679 560x266After all, who wouldn’t want to be that guy? Would it help if you knew that he was marrying an Asian girl? Would it help if you knew that he had possibly had sex with more than one Asian girl? He is starting to look pretty cool now. At the very least, that is the premise of the new PBS documentary ‘Seeking Asian Female.’

This documentary follows the virtual mail order love between cool guy Steve and Chinese girl Sandy (who has generously agreed to come to America and marry Steve.) Even better, there is a better than average chance that she might even have sex with him.

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Actually, those aren’t pictures of Sandy. That is the results from a random Google search when you intentionally type in ‘Hot Asian Girls’ and then click on images. Sometimes, the research for this site can really be exhausting on some level. Sandy is slightly different from your average Asian lingerie model.

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This is Sandy. I did not type that quote in to make it funny. It is actually from the trailer for the documentary. Steve has no idea what she is saying and actually things that it is something beautiful. Sandy apparently will not stop with simply removing a finger either…

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Sandy has a well thought out plan when it comes to body part removal. Even though she never specifically mentions removing Mr. Happy, she obviously is not a big believer in divorce. She does believe in solving marital discord with a sharp knife.

sandy 3 560x308

Keep in mind here, Steve does not understand a friggin’ word of Chinese. At this point, his wife to be is casually discussing body parts that she will remove. Earlier in the trailer, Sandy was shown actually going a little bit batty because she was not the first Asian woman who Steve went after while trolling the internet for Asian women. This does not even cover what the other Asian woman is going to do to Steve. At the very least, Steve will be missing a finger, toe, and eye¬†as warning presumably before he gets ‘Bobbitted’ and that particular piece of memorabilia gets thrown into the garbage disposal. It almost makes you wonder what that pirate Captain in Pirates of the Caribbean did.

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Admittedly, Sandy is a cute girl and handy with a cutlery is always a plus, but Steve obviously does not know what he is getting into. After all, how many times is this really going to be enough?

yellow fever 3

There is the other aspect of this whole thing. Having visited the Philippines, the Filipino women have a word over there. Keep in mind that this is a word that they have for their own country women in foreign relationships. That word is ‘oppurtunista.’ The women are not exactly blind to the financial realities of the world. We have a feeling that no small part of Steve’s charm is the fact that he could actually afford to pay for a plane ticket from China to America.

While we are pretty sure that Steve-O is seeing this….

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Sandy may have a slightly different view of how the whole relationship is taking shape.

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In time she will probably learn to appreciate him. There is also an excellent chance that in time, he will learn to truly appreciate her and their cultural differences. We just hope that it is a lot more like this…

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At some time before Steve starts looking like this…

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