The Simpsons Parody Ke$ha

simpsons couchDuring its unprecedented forty-year run on FOX, The Simpsons has lampooned just about every aspect of pop culture. This past Sunday they took it one step further and replaced their signature opening theme music with the catchy but overexposed song “TiK ToK” by the chick with the dollar sign in her name, Ke$ha.

I’m not sure if the tune skews toward the show’s normal demographic, but perhaps Matt Groening and the producers are looking to reel in some younger viewers. Do 15-year-olds watch The Simpsons? I don’t even know. Hell, I stopped watching back in 1984. I just couldn’t take another Walter Mondale joke.

Anyway, here’s the opening from the episode. I’d classify it as… different.

[h/t Billboard]