The Stanley Cup of Girls


The Stanley Cup Playoffs are now entering the second round of action, which means there are now 8 teams left in the running, instead of 16. This makes the arduous task of highlighting the sexy girls of each team a bit more palatable. Thus, we now present the Stanley Cup of Girls. We’ll let the real hockey sites cover the teams and players, while we cover the ladies. The rules are pretty simple, we will use the 20 hottest photos we can find for each team, regardless of whether they are Ice Girls, fans, models, or WAGs. Each banner below links to a post which contains the photos from that match-up, along with a poll to vote for your winner. This is going to work a bit like American Idol, in that your votes will mean absolutely nothing. The teams that advance will be the teams that are victorious in the actual games. A load of crap, I know, but that is the way the NHL does it. Blame Gary Bettman.

canucks blackhawks

ducks wings1

hurricanes bruins1

penguins capitals1