The Top Ten Hottest 80’s Sit-Com Moms

Not only were the 80’s chock full of killer sit-coms that came and went faster than North-Eastern weather patterns, but each and every one managed to come complete with a gorgeous Mom, or, on occasion a cute daughter. For this list, well, it’s all about the moms. From shows like ‘Growing Pains’ and ‘Family Ties’, to other famous programs like ‘Full House’ and ‘Silver Spoons’, hottie moms were all over the place. Growing up basically weaned on television brought me face to face with many of T.V.’s mothers whom I often dreamt about and pretended to have as my very own. I cant believe I just admitted to that. Just read on.

joanna kerns 75x7510. Joanna Kearns – Growing Pains

Look, I have nothing personally against that throbbing tool, Alan Thicke, but I would have ran that moron over to get to Joanna Kearns. Hot.

baxter meredith thumb 75x759. Meredith Baxter Birney – Family Ties

Lifetime Channel Alum Meredith Baxter was smokin’ hot on Family Ties, and the very fact that she put up with both Michael J. Fox and Justine Bateman makes her that much hotter.

lori loughlin joanna 75x758. Lori Loughlin – Full House

Oh Rebecca, how you hurt me so. Even though you married Uncle Jesse who, let’s face it, it a hot hot fella, you managed to steam up the screen each time I was in my room… alone.

katey sagal 2 75x757. Katey Segal – Married With Cildren

Peg Bundy was absolutely everything a trophy slut wife ought to be, up to and including being quite a bit smarter than Al. Here we also have a case of the daughter of the house being equally hot, substantially dumber, and far more willing.

eringray3 75x756. Erin Grey – Silver Spoons

Joel Higgins was a millionaire with a train in his damn living room and a kid named Rick. But wh cares about all that garbage when your girlfriend used t be on Buck Rogers. I do miss Erin Grey’s tight flight suit, though.

phylicia rashad jenny craig 75x755. Phylicia Rashad – The Cosby Show

Even now Claire Huxtable is a damn fine lookin’ cougar. She was also, apparently, like tossing a hot dog down a hall way considering each season introduced a new child on the show. Yeah, MILF material for sure.

deborahharmonofthepaperchase 75x754. Deborah Harmon – Just the Ten of Us

In a house full of hot daughters (see: Brooke Theiss, Heather Langenkamp, Jamie Luner…) it’s refreshing that the mother can stand on her own as a smokin’ babe in her own right. She did, after all, give birth to all that hotness.

helmond60 75x753. Katherine Helmond – Who’s the Boss

When you are quite possibly the sit-com world’s most prolific cougar, it stands to reason that you’d try to rub off your talents on your equally cute daughter, Angela. However, since she turns out to be relatively useless, maybe spend your days teaching Alyssa Milano. There’s hope there.

kate 75x752. Anne Schedeen – Alf

An alien gets to see her in the shower? Are you serious? Oh to be a fly on the wall…

sandyduncan 75x751. The Hogan Family – Sandy Duncan

Odd choice? Um, no! Sandy Duncan is a stone cold fox! And, to top it all off: glass frikkin eye! She can keep her one eye focused on you while she’s in the throes of bedroom-type passion. Hot.