The Trailer For Real Steel

Real Steel 560x314

Washed-up former boxer with gambling debts. Annoying kid. Hot chick from Lost. 2000-pound robot pugilists. Predictable happy ending. Real Steel.

Sounds like a winner. Or a massive pile of shit. I can’t decide. Based on the trailer, the “plot” combines elements from Rocky, The Karate Kid, Seabiscuit, Kingpin and a dash of my all-time favorite underground pit fighting flick, Lionheart, starring the one and only Jean-Claude Van Damme, who spouted such memorable lines as this:

“Sometimes life is… is… ugly. And stupid. And mean.”

Here’s hoping Real Steel boasts dialogue of a similar ilk. At the very least, we’ll get to see dreamy Aussie Hugh Jackman shirtless. Yummy.

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