The Twenty Duckiest Ducks From Pop Culture


Guess what there are a lot of in Pop Culture? Ducks. Yeah, a ton of them in and from just about every conceivable piece of media. In fact, while you’re reading this list about ducks, go check out this list about ducks, too! Yeah, Wikipedia sure knows how to gather a collection, don’t they? Anyway, that’s all well and good, but we here at Gunaxin asked ourselves, ‘Aren’t there just maybe, 20, ducks that have really left an impression on Pop Culture history?’ Yep. There are. So take a look and at the end, vote for your favorite duck! Quack!


Duck Tape brand Duct Tape
duck tape

Don't have a propper wallet? Duck it. Missing a cool Prom Dress? Duck that, too!


The Oregon Ducks
oregon ducks

Basically a green and yellow version of Donald Duck. Also a pretty decent football team.


Toilet Duck
toilet duck

Obviously so named for the shape of the bottle's neck. Not so much for the fact that it quacks. It doesn't, by the way.


Duck Duck Goose
duck duck goose

Remember this game that single handedly made you feel like a jackass for not being faster than the head toucher? Stupid game.


Weird Al Parody, “I Want a New Duck”

One of the greatest things about Al is the simple fact that he’s outlived over half of the bands he’s parodied. Huey Lewis who?


Disco Duck
Disco duck

Rick Dees was and is a first class tool. But he did manage to do something no one will likely ever forget.


The Story of Ping

If you didn't read this classic tale of a duck escaping the tyranny of China and their tendancy to eat said ducks, you never went to school.


Don ‘Duck’ Edwing
edwing duck2

Don 'Duck' Edwing was one of MAD Magazine's finest artists. That's good enough for an inclusion in this list.


Anaheim Ducks
Anaheim Ducks3 560x420

The NHL team based on and once owned by Disney and it's 'Mighty Ducks' movies. I prefer this older logo.


Duck Hunt

Oh Duck Hunt, if only you were more well known for your ducks and not that damn dog!


Aflac Duck
aflac duck1

Did you know the duck is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried? Hence its incredible annoyance.


Baby Huey
baby huey1 560x420

A big, fat-assed baby duck. Classic.



The snarky, pissed off duck that put Daffy and Donald's rampages to shame.


Howard the Duck

Yeah, the movie featured some nice Leah Thompson-on-Duck action, but I always preferred the comic.


Count Duckula
Count Duckula First Season R1

If you're aren't hip to a vampire duck cartoon, there's no hope for you.


Little Quacker Title 560x431

This little duck once complained that he couldn't kill himself fast enough by forcing Tom to eat him. True story.


Rubber Ducky
rubber duck

Sure the Rubber Duck was popular long before Ernie from Sesame Street got into them. But he certainly had the best song.


The Ugly Duckling
the ugly duckling

The classic story of how ugly people get no damn respect.


Disney Ducks
DisneyDucks 560x383

Yes I know this really cool Family Tree doesn't include Darkwing and his St. Canard pals, but they're still Disney so we'll just pretend it does, okay?


Daffy Duck
daffy duck 1048

Hands down, the coolest duck of all time.

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