The Two Other Tanquerays


We all have had the original Tanqueray in the classic Gin and Tonic. If you haven’t then climb out of the hole you live in and get on it. While you are doing that make sure you also pick up the other two liquors from the Tanqueray Family. There is nothing like the original but this holiday season when your at any party whether it be at your office or friend’s house you will be the hit of the party if you bring any of the gin’s from the Tanqueray Family.

I was able to check out the Tanqueray No. Ten and the Tanqueray Rangpur. They both have a great taste to them and I will share some of the cocktails that I tried with the two spirits.

Tanqueray No. Ten was introduced in 2000 and was targeted at the martini market. It goes through a quadruple-distillation. It is currently the only gin in the world to be distilled with hand-picked, fresh fruit botanicals.  They start with Florida oranges, and then use Mexican limes and grapefruits for the first distillation.  Later, the traditional botanicals such as juniper and coriander are added to give it that signature Tanqueray taste. In order to make the ultra pure and flavorful they distill the No. Ten in a small batch still called the “Tiny Ten.” Below are two drinks I tried with the No. Ten spirit.

martini 250x300The first one is called The Perfect Ten. All you need is 1.25 oz. of No Ten and one twist lime. To Prepare you just add No. Ten to glass with ice, serve straight up and then garnish with lime twist. This was a smooth drink and the hint of lime accents the No. Ten perfectly.

ten rickey 250x300

The other one that I whipped up with No. Ten was the No. Ten Rickey.  To create this gem you will need 1.25 oz. of No. Ten, 5 oz. fresh lime juice, 1 oz. sour mix and 1 splash soda. I used a splish of soda instead of a splash and it turned out fine. Once you have the ingredients you then take a shaker filled with ice, add No Ten, fresh lime juice and sour mix. Shake and strain into frosted martini glass, and then top with soda.

The next spirit from Tanqueray family is the Rangpur. Not to be confused with the Rancor from Return of the Jedi, this spirit was introduced in Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. in 2006. It has a strong lime flavor, which comes from the rangpur limes, ginger, and bay leaves being added during the final distillation process. It is produced at 82.6 proof and only available in the United States. Take that Canada! Here are the two cocktails I tried with the Rangpur.

cran 250x300The first one is called the Tanqueray Rangpur Cran. I think you can tell the ingredients from the picture and the name of the drink, but I will still layout all the fixings. You will need 1.25 of Rangpur, 3 oz. cranberry juice, and 1 wedge lime. Then you add cranberry juice to the Rangpur and stir. Finish by serving over ice and then place a lime wedge on the glass rim.

rickey 250x300

Last but not least is the Rangpur Rickey. You will need 1.25 oz. of Rangpur, .75 oz. fresh lime juice, .5 oz. simple syrup and 1 splash soda water. Then to set up the Rangpur Rickey, you will fill a glass with ice. Then top with soda water, and then garnish with a lime wheel. To have a dry Rickey all you need to is not add the simple syrup.

So there you have it. A great lineup of cocktails from the Tanqueray family. Enjoy the holiday season and make sure you be “that guy” in a good way by bringing the full line of the Tanqueray Spirits.