The Vancouver Canucks Are In Trouble!

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The 2011 Stanley Cup Finals so far has had as many twists and turns as a cheesy romantic novel. The Vancouver Canucks looked to be well on their way to claiming their first Stanley Cup after two straight stunning victories in the Great White North.

However, that changed when the series moved to Boston as the Bruins have fought back to the tie the series up at 2 a piece. Now it looks like, the Canucks are on the hot seat for game five in Vancouver to gain control of a series that they seemingly had under wraps.

What changed from Vancouver to Boston? Normally, some might think the travel time was a possible affect but I highly doubt that it would have a carrying-over effect from game to game. Sure, it might have helped the Bruins in game three but I doubt that was an issue for Vancouver in game four.

Was it possible that the Aaron Rome hit on Nathan Horton could have given the Bruins the boost needed on their home ice? It’s possible due to the ideals of momentum in playoff series but since Horton was one of their better players, any momentum gained would be eventually lost later in the series.

The two big factors that seem to have been a catalyst to the Bruins comeback was the goaltending of Tim Thomas and Vancouver’s inability to capitalize on their power play opportunities.

In terms of Thomas, Boston’s net-minder has only allowed five goals in the entire series and three of those were in game two. One of Boston’s keys to victory before the series started was if Thomas can continue to play well in goal, then the Bruins had a great chance to win the series. Since he is, the Bruins have a solid shot in winning the cup if he continues to play well.

The major fault for Vancouver has been the lack of scoring in power play situations in games three and four. During the regular season and into the playoffs, the Canucks were in the top five teams in terms of scoring on power plays.

That has changed in games three and four, Vancouver is 0 for 11 combined in power play situations in Boston. If the Canucks are looking at something to work at before game five, it’s that. Boston’s defense and Thomas goaltending have been exceptional for most of the series and the Canucks will have to take advantage of those opportunities.

However at this point, Vancouver is Mike Tyson on the ropes and Boston looks like Buster Douglas ready to get that final punch in for the title.