The Walking Dead Season 3 Set Photos Revealed

the walking dead

I’ll admit that set photos/production stills from movies and TV shows normally make me yawn wider than a CBS drama, but when said photos are taken on the set of The Walking Dead, my interest is immediately piqued. Especially when the pics in question reveal some new and old faces, like these from the filming of Season 3.

dead michonne1 560x394Diehard fans of the comic book have been eagerly awaiting for the Katana wielding Michonne to jump into the zombie apocalypse fray, and that very thing will happen in Season 3 following her mysterious and brief appearance in the Season 2 finale.

dead governorAnother lauded persona in the comic book is the villainous Governor, who will be played by Brit David Morrissey. I don’t know squat about the character, but Morrissey is a badass actor, so he should nail the role.

dead merleIt’s been kinda sorta confirmed for a while that Daryl’s redneck racist brother Merle would be making a triumphant return to the festivities, but it’s still cool to see him back in action, complete with a new “hand.”

Season 3 of The Walking Dead is scheduled to premiere October 12th on AMC.

[Pics via AMCTV]