The Wii Helps Set Back Feminism

aiiieeeeWe all know that Wii add-ons are ridiculous, but nothing quite equals the pants-shitting terror that is the new “Baby and Me Special Edition“, which comes with a baby Wii-Mote add-on. No, we’re not kidding, seriously, check out the packaging, and that deranged mutant in there is the baby doll in question.

Or you can turn your child’s beloved toy into pure nightmare fuel by using the attached Wii-mote holster. In addition to ramming a Wii-Mote up an innocent doll’s ass, this game comes with balance board support.  No, we don’t know why.  We’re afraid to ask.

But, hey, if you have a small girl you have to buy a Christmas gift for, you could get her this.  Or a razor-bladed boomerang.  Or a homemade flamethrower.  In fact, we recommend the flamethrower over this.