The Worst Dressed Movie Villains

Movie Villains 560x280It has been said that clothes make the man. This might be true in normal society, but is it the case when applied to movie villains? Some big screen baddies look like they walked right out of a GQ cover shoot. Think Gordon Gekko and the original man in black, Darth Vader. Other cinema creeps look like they walked right out of a Salvation Army store. They might be badass, but their wardrobe is just plain bad. Here are ten of the worst dressed movie villains.

10) Freddy – A Nightmare on Elm Street

Evidently child murderers who invade dreams never bother to look in the mirror. Freddy Krueger’s serial killer ensemble leaves much to be desired. Forget about all the kiddies he carved up — he deserved being burned alive for wearing that hideous red and green striped sweater and stupid brown fedora.

villains krueger

9) Max Cady – Cape Fear (1991)

Wacko rapist Max Cady learned a lot during his 14 years of incarceration. He taught himself how to read and write, practice law and keep his body in tip-top shape. What he failed to learn was how to properly dress. Ghastly Hawaiian shirts, white pants and a fiddler’s cap is more than enough evidence to issue a warrant for his arrest.

villains cady

8) Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians (1996)

Any chick who thinks a coat made from puppy fur will gain her a spot on the Best Dressed list clearly has a screw loose. The only thing more sick and twisted than Cruella’s hatred for adorable little doggies was her acutely atrocious fashion sense. Size this daffy bitch for a strait-jacket.

villains cruella

7) Lo Pan – Big Trouble in Little China

One would think a 2000-year-old wizard might accumulate some sort of style throughout his days vacillating in and out of the spirit world. Not so for David Lo Pan. He had an unnatural obsession with the color green, which is fine. However, his penchant for awful traditional Chinese magician’s garb proved he had zero taste.

villains lo pan 560x776

6) The Riddler – Batman Forever

Hard to fathom why skin-tight green unitards peppered with question marks never took off. To be fair, The Riddler wasn’t the only fashion victim in the utterly forgettable Batman Forever. Two-Face looked like a zoot-suited clown and boy wonder Robin had nipples on his costume. Blame director Joel Schumacher for this eye-shattering disaster.

villains riddler 560x420

5) Khan – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Do genetically engineered supermen really need a cool set of threads? Probably not, but Khan’s choice of apparel served one real purpose: to show off his well-defined pectorals. It doesn’t help that his shirt shares the same color as the remnants found in the toilet after consuming chimichangas from Taco Bell.

villains khan

4) Baron Samedi – Live and Let Die

The majority of Bond villains are dapper when it comes to attire. Baron Samedi, henchman to Dr. Kananga, is an exception to the rule. His ridiculously high collar and white top hat mimics that of a deranged rapper from the ’80s. He’s Flavor Flav minus the giant neck clock.

villains samedi

3) Lord Humungus – The Road Warrior

Decent clothes are scant in a post-apocalyptic world populated by gas-hungry gangs of murderous outlaws. That being said, Lord Humungus was in need of a monumental makeover. The whole S&M getup might seem intimidating at first, but in the end it comes across as silly. The warrior of the wasteland and the ayatollah of rock-and-rollah deserved better than a studded Speedo.

villains humungus

2) Buffalo Bill – The Silence of the Lambs

Jame Gumb, aka Buffalo Bill, had issues. Sewing together a woman suit from actual human flesh might sound like a good idea for a dude who desperately wants to be a chick, but law enforcement tends to frown upon such activities. Based on his wardrobe alone, Gumb would’ve made a shitty female.

villains bill

1) General Zod, Ursa and Non – Superman II

Notorious criminals from the planet Krypton should not look like a cross between a gay pirate and MC Hammer. As evil as this trio of terror were, it’s impossible to ignore their dreadful duds. Why not just dress them in cut-off jean shorts and wife-beater t-shirts? The wardrobe department should’ve been fired for this calamity.

villains zod 560x356