Thinkgeek can fix your brain!

unicorn chaser 180x300Looking for a little pick me-up? Or need that ultimate weapon in order to kill your mortal enemy? Or maybe you just need a good sleeping bag. has the solution for you. My personal favorite would the Unicorn Chaser, a drink specifically formulated to cleanse your mind and soul. After viewing some horrible image on the Internet and screaming out “Do Not Want!,” take the chaser to make you feel all warm and fuzzy again. Somethings can’t be unseen, but a Unicorn Chaser will make it all feel better anyway.

If that doesn’t float your boat, you check out some of their other fine products, such as the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, complete with LED Luke Skywalker Lightsaber zipper pull, or the Ultimate Assassins Weapon Ice Mold. It’s really the site with something for everyone. You’re bound to find that perfect gift, and at a reasonable price.