Thirty of the Coolest LEGO Mini Figures

series 10 560x262

Series 10

If you’re as big of a LEGO fan as I am, then you obviously know of the fantastic new Mini Figs coming this fall in their ubiquitous “mystery packs”. Conversely,  you might not even have any idea what I’m talking about at all, in which case… welcome! This article is about those little characters that come with, and separately from, LEGO sets. They are affectionately referred to as “Mini Figs”, a term I will now use exclusively because it’s cool. For example, take a look at the figures that came out for Series 14:

Now I have to say this might just be the coolest set of Mini Figs I have ever seen. Normally I don’t collect, but I encourage my son by picking him up a few packs when I see them, and at $3.99, that’s not too bad. But don’t think that getting your hands on the figures from other series and sets is impossible, because it isn’t. EBay offers just about every figure from every set and series ever, most pretty reasonably priced. So, if you want to get started working on your own, it’s likely the best place to begin.

Minifigs 560x280

Ah, but what to look for? Considering the LEGO company puts out dozens of sets or more every year, not to mention the hundreds they already have produced, the task seems daunting at best. Everything from Star Wars to Batman to Ninjago to Monster Hunters and everything you can imagine in between, finding the coolest figures is something of a hunt… but a fun one. So here are a few of the more exciting Mini Figs from the years past hand-picked by my son, Charlie! Have fun!

Alien Villainess

MS8 Alien Villainess 261x300

Mr.Good and Evil

GoodNEvil 261x300

Battle Mech

BattleMech 261x300

Space Alien

SPaALi1 200x300

Lizard Man

Col070 200x300

Clockwork Robot

Col087 200x300


71001 Medusa 261x300

Mr. Gold

Monsieur or 174x300

Cyclops Man

61S bY3e0qL. SL1000 300x300

Gingerbread Man

41mPCu0rvsL. SY300

Peter Venkman (Ghostbuster)

Peter Venkman Ghostbusters Minifigure 201x300

Venom (Marvel Comics)

Venom VS Spiderman Marvel x LEGO Minifigures 2 300x252

Man-Bat (DC Comics)

tumblr mvj4k6Ly991rir6lho1 1280 300x182

LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who

lego dimensions doctor who 300x169

Leonardo (TMNT)

LeonardoLEGO 267x300

Hot Dog Man

bkntw 20150103194830738 0103 04511 001 03b 300x300