Top 55″ 4K Televisions for Under $1K

Vizio M Series 2 560x374These days, the low-cost versions of 4K, LED TVs are even more practical than ever. Why? – Because most of the features that add extra dollar signs are either not necessary (looking at you, strange upconverting and fake-looking refresh rate enhancement) or done better by devices you already have: When was the last time you saw anyone actually use the smart features on their television instead of on, say, a set-top box or game console? As a result, the best 4K TVs are more affordable than ever and you don’t really miss out, making these televisions a smart choice for people on a budget.

Sharp LC55UB30U – $700 – $1,000

Sharp LC55UB30U 560x315

Sharp has been focusing on the more affordable side of the market to great effect, and these 4K TVs are a prime example of the sort of deals you can find when you look. For the right price you can find an ultra HD Sharp TV that includes everything you want in a central TV system.

One of the most impressive things about this Sharp model is that it manages to include quite a few extra features for such a low price. SmartCentral will connect you with streaming app, upscaling will help improve your lower-HD content (at least a little bit) and it comes with the full array of connections including 2 USB, 4 HDMI, component, composite, digital optical audio, RF, and Ethernet. That’s an impressive number of ports for this low-end side of the market, and one of the top reasons we love this model so much.

Sharp offers several sizes here (our model number is specifically for the 55-inch version). We recommend either the 50-inch or the 55-inch versions: Both keep the price under $1,000, and this is the sweet spot where prices are affordable but the TV is large enough to put that 4K resolution to work.

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Vizio M Series – $850

Vizio M Series 560x315

Like Sharp, Vizio is often found working busily in the affordable end of the LED TV market. The 4K M Series is one of their most successful results, offering affordable ultra HD resolution with 32 active LED zones for a high level of brightness. Ports aren’t quite as impressive as the Sharp’s full array, but if all your devices use HDMI then you may actually prefer the 5 HDMI ports that most M-Series models come with.

Note two things here: The 2015 models are the most affordable (and still have 4K, etc.) so we suggest you stick with these for now. Second, we suggest going with the 55-inch model here, too, with that same mix of affordability and size that works for most homes.

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RCA XLD55G65RQ – $800

RCA XLD55G65RQ 560x357

This one is a new blip on the radar, an ultra-affordable RCA model coming to the United States. It doesn’t have any bells or whistles, which lowers the price to truly affordable levels. There’s also a unique option to pay $100 for a slimmer, more metallic design if the appearance is that important to you. You may also prefer this model if you are Google fan – it comes with smart Android TV software for any streaming or Google Play needs you may have. Ports are primarily focused on HDMI, so it won’t work well with older equipment.

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