Three Olives Vodka Wants to See Your “O-Face”

This article isn’t exactly about Beer, unless you consider Vodka “Russian Beer”. We just caught word that the folks at Three Olives Vodka are giving away $10,000 and we thought you might be interested. Here is the press release:

As part of a new multi-million dollar integrated advertising campaign, now includes an interactive contest that invites users to upload a photo of their best “O-face” – the look of surprise one has after tasting a shockingly delicious Three-O Vodka drink. At the conclusion of the campaign on May 31, 2009, 5 finalists will be chosen, flown to NYC, given the VIP treatment and given a photo shoot. Of the 5 finalists, 1 grand prize winner will be Three-O’s next “O-Face”, awarded $10,000 and be featured in a national ad campaign.

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So essentially, someone in marketing convinced management that an “O-Face” is “the look of surprise one has after tasting a shockingly delicious Three-O Vodka drink”. Apparently management hasn’t seen Office Space:

…or looked it up on Urban Dictionary:

The face one makes when orgasming. Making an O shape with ones mouth and saying Oh repetitively while thrusting ones pelvis to signify climax

Or maybe they do know, and they are just showing how progressive they are…

The innovative and exciting elements of this contest reflect the spirit of the brand.  “Three Olives is the most exciting vodka brand in the market, carving out a niche from our stuffy and pretentious competitors with a single-minded message of being seriously fun.  We are dedicated to bringing the fun back to vodka and want our fans to be a part of it,” remarked Gino Luci, Brand Manager for Three Olives. “We’re shaking up the category through innovation in every aspect of the brand – advertising, promotions and exciting new flavors – and the results are showing.”

Either way, you can win $10,000 just for acting stupid on the internet. If you do enter the contest, be sure to share your photo with us here in the comments section.

Philip Van der Vossen

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