Three Subtle Ways of Keeping Your Individuality in the Workplace

MadMen 560x218Sometimes the whole concept behind “professionalism” can be extremely tiring in the workplace where you are expected to comply with standards regarding appearance and how you deal with peers and customers. Sometimes you can’t help but want to rebel and go against the tide but the inherent problem with doing so is that you might wind up reprimanded for your actions. Taking this into consideration, this article delves into subtle and even funny ways that you can “rebel” in the workplace without your supervisors even realizing it.

It’s a bird! A plane! It’s you as Clark Kent!

Superman 560x218There comes a time in every man’s life where he can’t help but want to pretend to be Superman. It’s not really all that surprising considering the fact that he practically embodies all the aspects that we aspire to be. However, you can’t exactly go into your office wearing a Superman outfit and not have your boss send you a notice of termination or at least a very strict reprimand. However, what if you could do something that absurd for fun and get away with it? If Clark Kent can pull it off, you definitely can as well!

There is actually a wide variety of different Superman undershirts that you can buy online from websites like In your three-piece business suit, you can have your Superman shirt underneath the white long sleeved button down shirt that you use. Just make sure that the long sleeved shirt is sufficiently white enough that the colors of the Superman shirt don’t show through. After that, simply go to work and bask in the personal knowledge that you are doing something completely ridiculous without your boss knowing a thing. In fact, why stop at Superman? You can try out Green Lantern, Batman, the Fantastic 4 etc. The point is to have a funny secret that your boss and co-workers will never realize.

Rock those Socks!

Socks 560x219Another way of subtle rebellion in the workplace is to wear a pair of “interesting” socks to work that are not immediately obvious. For instance, you can check out the various mid-calf socks by VKNagrani for some designer socks inspiration, and you’d immediately notice a wide assortment of different styles that can suit whatever tastes you may have. Having a “unique” pair of socks is not immediately noticeable beneath your desk and you can choose all sorts of crazy patterns that would look incredibly odd if you did not have your pants covering them up.

Retaining your sanity in the workplace is all about expressing your individuality and opinion in an environment that tells you to conform and follow rules. By wearing socks that, for all intents and purposes, flies in the face of conformity, you are silently declaring that you are you and that no matter what the company says you will continue to retain who you are within the company’s premises.

The Cufflinks and You

Cufflinks 560x218One of the most annoying aspects of wearing a business suit is dealing with the cuff links that you sometimes have to use on them. They’re small, barely noticeable and yet are used often enough in “professional” suits that you need to have multiple pairs. As you can imagine from the contents of the article thus far, even cuff links can be a medium that you can use for your fun little rebellion.

Did you know what there are a wide variety of different cufflinks out there ranging from the ordinary circular ones to cuff links that look like TIE fighters from Star Wars to cuff links that can actually be used as lock picks? These types of “unique” cuff links were specifically created to appeal to people that want to continue to express their individuality despite being in an environment where they are surrounded by the need to appear professional at all times.

The subtle nature of cuff links and the fact that people have to be looking directly at them to really know what they makes them ideal as a means of expressing anything ranging from your love of a popular television show to the face of your favorite actor. Considering the sheer amount of different suppliers out there, you practically have thousands of different choices that you can select from in order to perform your subtle rebellion.

What you have to understand is that doing the actions described in this article is more than just acting silly, it is a means by which you help to insert a bit of excitement and humor into your professional life. Lets face it, not all aspects of business is exciting and, as such, it is at times necessary to do something completely out of the ordinary so that you can continue to maintain who you are as a person and not disappear into your business persona.