Three Ways to Improve Your Health, Whether You Want to or Not

Al Bundy Classic 560x345For many people, a new day represents a fresh start. It’s a chance to challenge yourself to be the best you possible. For others, a new day brings the same bad habits, doubts, and despair as the day before. Especially if the day before ended in a long, yet highly successful, pub crawl. The next day, they devour the bag of chips, drink a case of beer (probably excessive for a bit of the “hair of the dog,” but who are we to judge?) and laze about wondering why they can’t lose weight or seem to get moving. In order to change your life and improve your state of mind and overall health, you need to address your faults and take on a positive outlook. We know, it sounds dreadful, but it can give you more years in which to drink more beer and eat more bacon. Albeit, in somewhat lesser quantities.

1) Kicking a Bad Habit to the Curb

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Everyone has bad habits that they develop over time. A bad habit that’s simply annoying to others, like chewing with your mouth open, represents no threat to your health. However, a bad habit like smoking or excessive drinking can take a toll on your health, your family and even cost you your job. If you enjoy the hand-to-mouth contact that fills the void when you are trying to quit smoking, try an alternative that’s less harmful to your body such as vaping. While it doesn’t eliminate the habit it poses less of a health risk. There are many e-liquid flavors to pick from, giving you a chance to work towards your goal of quitting smoking altogether. Bonus, your girlfriend won’t complain of kissing an ashtray and may even enjoy “sharing” the flavor of the vape juice you buy!

2) The Benefits of Sleep

planes trains and automobiles poster1 560x315Sleep is essential to all human beings. Many doctors recommend around 8 hours of sleep each night for typical adults. When you fall into a deep sleep your body repairs itself. Sleep, not just the state of unconsciousness, which probably explains the morning-after that long, yet highly successful, pub crawl. But, we digress. Actual sleep lets you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. When you don’t get enough sleep you walk around in an endless fog and tend to stare out into space. When you are well-rested you have energy, are less irritable and because of this, you get more done.

3) Exercise Regularly

workingout 560x304For many people exercise is a way of life. They have a gym membership or take a long jog or walk each morning. For others, the only exercise they get is the walk to the refrigerator to grab a snack. We’re the walk to the fridge guys typically; but, whatever floats your boat.¬†Exercise, if done properly, isn’t just about building muscles and losing weight, it’s also about clearing your mind and feeling good about you. When you work out and sweat your body produces happy feelings through natural hormones. And, we guess it might be worth some of the effort involved for the same reason as the vape juice…girls.

You may have heard the saying “eat well, exercise often, die anyway.” There’s a lot of truth to that, but changing some aspects of your life can help you enjoy some of the great motivators in a guy’s life longer. Like, bacon, beer, bacon, girls, bacon and sports. Did we mention bacon?