Thrustmaster Ferrari Gamepad

Thrustmaster has come up with some sweet looking gamepads, the latest of which is  inspired by the 2009 Ferrari F1 race car. It not only looks good, but it’s got some sweet features, such as  an optical wheel with an automatic centering feature to ensure unrivalled precision. Most controllers offer the mini sticks to move only 40 degrees where the Ferrari controller has a 90 degree rotation angle. The controller has dual progressive triggers for acceleration and breaking power.

F1 gamepad 300x245You can use the Thrustmaster on the PS3 or PC. The Ferrari gamepad is fully programmable with no CD required. This means that the buttons, mini sticks, directional buttons, and triggers can be set for each system.

F1 part 2 300x257The internal memory on the Thrustmaster Ferrari controller also enables you to switch from one configuration to another in just one second. Even when the controller is disconnected, the controller stores all programmed configurations so you don’t have to waste time resetting your favorite configurations. Plus, the Thrustmaster offers an extremely comfortable grip with their “peach skin” texture.  The controller is also a limited edition and is individually numbered for all those collectors out there.  You can pick up the Thrustmaster Ferrari Gamepad at and many other electronic sites. For more information on these and other styles of gamepads go to

F1 Wireless Gamepad F60 Limited Edition at