Tim Tebow, Meet Ajax

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Near the end of the Trojan War, Achilles had been murdered by Paris (with help from Apollo.) Famously, Achilles was shot in the heel. Achilles had been the greatest hero of the Trojan War. It was generally accepted that Ajax the Unconquered was the second greatest hero in the war. However, when it became time to award Achilles armor to another hero, there were two possibilities. There was Ajax as well as Odysseus. They gave both heroes a chance to determine which would receive Achilles’ armor.

The contest was for each of those heroes to stand and give their argument for the armor. Ajax was strong as well as fearless. Ajax was not eloquent. Odysseus was much craftier and very eloquent. The armor was awarded to Odysseus. No matter what, Ajax was the second greatest hero of the war. Even when the greatest hero was dead, Ajax would always remain the second greatest hero of the war. Despondent, Ajax fell on his sword as a result of the armor snub. Contrary to popular belief in some quarters, Tim Tebow is not the second coming of Jesus Christ. Tebow, unlike Jesus, has two broken ribs. Tebow might however be the second coming of Ajax.

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In this scenario, Mark Sanchez is the fallen hero. Sanchez had led the Jets to victory in battle but not ultimate victory in war. Sanchez went to two straight AFC Championships but not the Super Bowl. In some very real ways, Sanchez’s Achilles Heel has been exposed in a terrible season for the Jets. Tim Tebow was brought in to be Sanchez’s backup. If Sanchez falls, by all rights the starting quarterback should be Tim Tebow. Tebow is well versed in the New Testament. He may not be as versed in Greek Mythology. Had he realized that his role in the tragedy of the New York Jets was Ajax, then he should also realize that there is a Odysseus waiting behind him to take on the armor of Achilles. In this tragedy, Odysseus’ name just happens to be Greg McElroy.

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You see, Tebow’s destiny is to remain the second best great hero in the Pantheon. This means that if the primary hero goes down, another hero will rise up and take the armor. That way, Tebow will remain the second best hero. After this season, Tebow will have a choice to either continue on as a backup for the Jets or he can fall on the sword and move on to the underworld. In this case, we’ll call the underworld the Jacksonville Jaguars. Tebow will fall on the sword. He will go under. He may run into Odysseus again (as Ajax did). However, the Jets quarterback is going to live out a Greek tragedy and not a Christian one. Tim Tebow, meet Ajax. Ajax understands.