Tips for Getting the Most Out of a NOOK

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Tablets, eReaders and other mobile devices offer more and more features every day; Barnes and Noble’s newest NOOK device is no different. While these devices started out as mobile books and nothing more—and many, including so-called “glow” and “paper white” versions still maintain this limitation—many have kicked their level of functionality up a notch, blurring the line between eReader and tablet computer.

Produced by Samsung, the NOOK Galaxy Tab 4 is a hybrid device that offers features above and beyond a handheld library. If you want to get the most out of this device, you’re going to need to know how.

Assemble a Good Library

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The fact of the matter is, eReaders were originally designed for reading, and removing them from that purpose may very well be a crime in some places. This doesn’t mean limiting the uses of this device, however: instead of only downloading books for leisure reading, you can install textbooks, books to make your workday more efficient and more.

Assembling a good library is the first step to getting the most out of your eReader. This means being aware of the memory you have at your disposal, so you don’t overload the device before you’ve even taken it to the next level. According to, installing a 4 GB micro SD card into your eReader can allow you to carry as many as 3000 books on average, so don’t worry too much about it if you have external memory available. So, just make sure that you pick up a micro SD card before you start upgrading.

Going Beyond eReader

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Once you have your library put together, it’s time to diversify a bit. Install your favorite apps and widgets off the Google Play store and set up your home screen according to your preferences. Keep in mind that some apps aren’t designed to work on resolutions larger than your average smartphone, while others work better. Check the features of the apps in question to make sure that they’re going to run properly on your new device.

According to Digital Trends, some of the most popular apps that run best on a larger resolution include:

  • Snap seed: like Instagram but a little more powerful and a lot more at home on a larger resolution. A must-have for amateur photographers.
  • Evernote: the permanently popular note-taking and note-sharing app works even better on a larger screen, and is automatically uploaded to the cloud for access anywhere your Evernote account syncs.
  • Sketchbook Express: a blank canvas with 15 brushes available for use, this is an excellent option for artists on the go, whether you’re a student, hobbyist or professional.
  • My Budget Book: a complex and intuitive budget app for anyone looking to many every dollar stretch a far as possible. If you track your life on your tablet, this app is a must-have.

There are always other options for apps and widgets, so even if one doesn’t work on your new device it should be easy to find a comparable replacement.

Other Options

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If you’re not looking for specific apps, you may want to look into apps that offer particular functionality. If you do a lot of traveling, the new NOOK can offer hours of entertainment—and not just with books. These new tablet eReaders have the memory and processing power to play full-length movies on single charge, making it possible to actually enjoy those long trips. It’s also possible to keep in contact with the important people in your life from anywhere, thanks to the fact that the Samsung NOOK features a sharp front-facing camera; this makes it possible to video chat with friends, family and colleagues via Skype and other video conferencing apps just as long as you have a decent wireless connection. Knowing that a friendly face is just a connection away can help remove stress from trips and travel—don’t wait to get to the hotel to call home, and let them literally see how you’re doing.

Getting Started

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According to PC Mag, the new tablet NOOK features smooth performance in a light, long-lasting package. The first run of these new devices came with Android 4.4 straight out of the box, meaning you’ll get a powerful, intuitive interface that has no issue keeping up to date with the best and brightest new features.

Now that you know what your eReader can do, it’s time to get started! Load up your new device with everything it needs to offer all the features you want and get the most of those this excellent piece of mobile technology. Never be bored on a trip again, learn how to work smarter (not harder), and keep in touch with the people you love from anywhere you have a wireless connection—all with the same device.