To Serve and Protect : Blogs With Balls

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The BwB Panel

Those who adore any flavor of media and entertainment understand the SXSW (South by SouthWest) events represent the most alluring and influential gatherings held in support of the business today. Long known as a haven for lovers of music, film, and interactive games, the world of independent media has found a place to mingle.

This year the fine folks affiliated with Blogs with Balls convened on SXSW, inviting a panel of the industry’s elite – Spencer Hall from EDSBS, Jemele Hill from the Worldwide Leader, Darren Rovell from CNBC, AJ Daulerio from Deadspin, and Dan Shanoff from Quickish – to discuss matters of ethics, timing versus truth, the influence of traffic and every conceivable hot-button topic associated with sports blogging that falls in between.

And as you would expect from a reliable blogger, the audio was rolling:


We want to thank Don Povia for sending that clip along… but thank him more for getting the great Bill Walton to sit down in front of the camera

For much more with Professor Bill Walton, check out Hugging Harold Reynolds. Thanks for stopping in.