Introducing Toddy Cloth

Toddy clothI know what you’re thinking, “What’s a Toddy Cloth?”  It’s a SmartCloth, silly.  Silky on one side and plushy on the other, both sides are made of microfiber to clean your smartphones, tablets and mp3 players.  I’ve also used it to clean my glasses and flat-screen TV and that works quite nicely as well.  In fact, the $9.99 price tag (or $19.99 for 3) is worth it to have something reliable to wipe your big screen down with.  The Toddy folks also recommend throwing it in your suit jacket pocket as a hankerchief, but I’ m waiting for the matching tie first.  There’s 42 different patterns available and the Toddy folks promise to keep your stuff scratch-free with the AEGIS Microbe Shield technology that allows cleaning without any sprays.  Lastly, you can also now get your logo printed on these puppies and use them as premium promotional items.  Way cooler than any beer can coozy.  Shop at