Tony Romo’s Dallas Cowboys Lose Again

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys have faltered twice in two weeks. First, Dallas lost to the Arizona Cardinals in overtime and today, a lopsided loss to the St. Louis Rams.

Romo, who has a broken finger on his throwing hand, warmed up for the game but did not play. He was injured in the Cowboys’ 30-24 overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals last week.

Last year, Jessica Simpson received heat for her man’s bad performance as she sat in the stands cheering him on in a pink No. 9 jersey. Then Jessica was blamed for distracting him days before a playoff game by flying off with him to the beaches of Mexico to relax. This year, she has been visibly absent from the games and headlines when it relates to Tony Romo. Still, the Dallas Cowboys have been spiraling into a pit of crappiness. The most talked about NFC team before the season has now lost two straight to sub par teams.

What reason are the Dallas Cowboys going to come up with for why a team with so much talent can’t execute and play?

Since the Dallas Cowboys can’t fall any further from grace, here’s a tribute to Tony’s #1 Fan, Jessica Simpson.

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