Top 10 Bloodhound Gang Songs

bloodhoundA band which has seriously gotten far less credit then they honestly deserve, The Bloodhound Gang is an alternative rock band from Quakerstown, PA. Their songs typically have humorous and off-beat, often satirical (see: nasty, and probably not safe for your place of employement) lyrics. The group formed in 1992. Bloodhound Gang has sold a combined total of more than 6 million albums, which is kind of a shame considering their music really ought to appeal to a much wider audience. As Talent goes, there really isn’t anything off putting or bad about TBG, other than their musicianship varies a great deal from song to song. This alone ought to make them far more popular than they are.

10. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what that spells…

9. The Bad Touch

Quiz: This song is all about which of the following:

  1. can openers
  2. lettuce
  3. wrong, wrong sex

8. You’re Pretty When I’m Drunk

A song we can all relate to.

7. Vagina

Not a whole lot of mincing words here, ya know?

6. Un Tiss Un Tiss

Ya know, these guys are the masters at forced innuendo.

5. Fire Water Burn

That classic tune where even your mom knows the chorus.

4. Balls Out

Listen close. All the Germans in the crowd say: “Blatthaunt Gahng!” Funny.

3. Mope

If you can clearly make fun of crappy 80’s synth rock as perfect as these guys, well, then I guess you’d be really good, too.

2. The Ballad of Chasey Lain

When your album is called Hurray For Boobies, you have a song about writing to a porn star, and a lyric goes, “Now shw ’em them titties”, you win.

1. I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks

Ever wished you, too, could pose as a queer to acquire women? Oh, just me then.