Top Ten NFL Players with Dreads

medium mikemckenzie1 233x300While I was watching the Saints take on the Pats this week, I saw a bunch of players with dreads. I started to wonder if these players were channeling their inner Samson and getting strength from their luscious hair. Okay so I really wasn’t thinking that, but between me stuffing my face with Tostitos and queso dip and watching my fantasy football points rise with Brees throwing TD’s like it what his job, I started thinking of the Top 10 players with dreads.


Mike Mckenzie
New Orleans Saints

So number ten on my list would be Mike Mckenzie from the Saints because he started me on my most important task of thinking about the players with dreads.  They are compact and flutter in the wind as he intercepts passes from QBs.

medium 07saintsek201


Laurence Maroney
New England Patriots

Number nine is Laurence Maroney for he is a young running back that gets touchdowns but sometimes fumbles the ball and makes Belichick get a few more grey hairs that blend in well with his hoodie.

laurence maroney new england patriots


Marshawn Lynch
Buffalo Bills

Number eight is Marshawn Lynch from the Buffalo Bills. It is still yet to be determined if alcohol or the dreads in his face was the cause of his hit and run of a pedestrian during the off-season.



Langston Moore
Detroit Lions

Number seven is Langston Moore. Why? Maybe I want to include the Lions in a top ten list for something that is related to the NFL.

Langston Moore


Devin Hester
Chicago Bears

Devin Hester from the Bears makes number six on the list because you gotta love the fact that he went from cornerback (which means someone who is fast that can’t catch the ball) to wide receiver (which means someone who is quick and CAN catch the ball.)

hester 412x232


Josh Cribbs
Cleveland Browns

Josh Cribbs from the Browns is number five on the list for the fact he is the only constant scoring threat that the Browns have on their team.

cribbs 300x200


Bob Sanders
Indianapolis Colts

Bob Sanders makes the list because he’s fuckin’ Bob Sanders…..just look at the way the dreads move with elegance in this picture.

bob sanders


Al Harris
Green Bay Packers

Al Harris is number three on the list for the fact that he was one of the original players to rock the dreads from my recollection. You can tell with his Rapunzel hair length.

1al tl104


Chris Johnson
Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson hits the list at number two. Johnson is a beast, breaking records left and right with the stats he is putting up this year.



Larry Fitzgerald
Arizona Cardinals

Now for the drumroll………………the number one NFL player with dreads is Larry Fitzgerald. This guy (knock on wood) did not get hurt yet like Troy Polamalu, who shared the Madden 2010 spotlight with Larry. We all know what happened with the past players who got hurt from the Madden Curse. To me that is the best feat that Larry has reached in his NFL career. Forget getting to the Super Bowl. To stay injury free this year, that takes skill. Larry is still playing strong and maybe it was a good thing to share the cover with Troy.


* Many players were omitted from this list, as they have been suspended from the NFL, for violating Roger Goodell’s Hair Abuse Policy.

Honorable Mentions:

Marion Barber

marion barber

Steven Jackson

t2.jackson.icon 247x300

Mike Ditka and Ricky Williams

R 1 300x229

The Predator