Top 10 Sexiest Beer Commercials

When it comes to making sexy beer commercials (or sexy commercials in general), the United States is a third world country. Thanks to all the conservatives and the FCC, we can only see good sexy beer commercials from Europe and South America. Because of this reason, we at Gunaxin would like to take this opportunity to present you the top ten sexiest beer commercials from around the world.

10. Miller Lite
The only American beer commercial that has barely made it to the top ten thanks to the appearance of Pamela Anderson. Too bad the FCC wouldn’t allow Pam and the other two chicks to show too much.

9. Tui
This New Zealand based beer company only hires hot women to brew beer! Two guys sneak into the brewery and attempt to get close to the girls and the beer.

8. Isenbeck
Isenbeck is one of the biggest brands in Argentina. They also have some of the best beer commercials in the world. What’s not to like with an Argentinean girl shaking her nice firm ass?

7. Tuborg
This classic Tuborg commercial is the original beer commercial that gives the world the idea that beer can make women look hot.

6. Hahn Super Dry
Hahn never fails to deliver funny and sexy beer commercials. Their commercials usually lean toward the funny side. Since I’m only here to show you the sexy ones, here is their sexiest funny beer commercial.

5. Ariana (Apuana)
A Bulgarian beer commercial featured a very hot pop folk singer from Bulgaria. This impatient girl can’t wait for the bartender to open her beer so she uses the hidden beer opener…just watch!

4. Bavaria
A beer from Brazil. The commercial shows two guys on a beach spotted a hot Brazilian woman walking out of the water. One guy discovered the hot girl follows the movement of the Bavaria beer in his hand. Lame, but got to give credits to the hot Brazilian chick.

3. Kamenitza
One of the finest or maybe the most popular beer from Bulgaria. This commercial doesn’t have a story, but it shows a lot of fine asses walking toward the beer stand from start to finish so it truly deserves one of the top spots.

2. Guinness
It’s one the most (if not the most) famous import beer in the world. This commercial shows a half naked woman bends over in repeated back-and-forth motion with her back holding a beer.

1. Isenbeck
The hottest beer commercial brought to you by Isenbeck. After meeting with some friends at a local bar, the guy heads to his ballet class. There he gets to dance realclose to all the hot ballet dancers. If you are lucky, you may be able to spot a moose toe!

Here is our top ten sexiest beer commercials and thanks for reading this far. Oh gosh, I need a beer to cool myself down now.