Top Five Casinos to Visit in Australia

Perth Casino Floor 560x198The entire continent of Australia is like one big, giant gambling paradise. You can find slot machines, or pokies as they call them in almost every bar visited by the average Joe, or Bruce (according to Monty Python’s funny sketch from the 1970s about all Aussies being named Bruce). Bars are just one way of trying some casino games, but a much better way is visiting the amazing tourist attraction casinos that offer the best gaming options.

Aussies have been named the nation that spends the most time and money on gambling, and that is thanks to gambling online too. Mobile casinos are the biggest trend right now for playing blackjack and online pokies using casino bonuses from the premier Australian casino portal. But, nothing beats a visit to a traditional brick-and-mortar casino buzzing with people all around. These are some of the biggest casino resorts and hotels in the world.

5) Treasury Casino

Treasury Casino 560x280Treasury Casino is located in Brisbane, and it’s the most beautiful Baroque Australian casino. The building for this casino was built in the early 19th century, and this historic structure accommodates millions of players each year with their 86 table games and 1,329 slots machines. The officials spent $57 million on restoring this historic building, and thanks to its stonework the building won the Queensland Heritage Council Gold Award twice.

The best of the slots here are Fortune of Venice, Year of the Dragon, a progressive slot, and Elvis. There is a huge variety of games so you can find anything from modern to traditional games like craps, roulette or blackjack. Treasury Casino is essential for players visiting Brisbane that like to gamble. It’s also a hotel, so if you book a room you can be closer to the games than ever.

4. Jupiters Hotel & Casino

Jupiters Casino 560x280Stylish, suave and the most sophisticated Queensland hotel and casino in Broadbeach with around 1,400 slot machines and 70 table games. It’s as if the Vegas Bellagio has been teleported to Australia. This casino is best suited for high rollers that like to be part of ‘The Club’, Jupiters’ VIP lounge. This is the go to place if you are into chic casino nights out. The casino organizes interesting promotions similarly to online casinos. Jupiters has been spreading luxurious atmosphere through the Gold Coast for 30 years now. If you become a member of Jupiters you will be treated to many rewards through the membership program.

3. Crown Perth

Perth Casino 560x280Crown Perth is one of the best attractions in Western Australia. It was rebranded in 2012 with the catchy ‘Crown Perth’ name after changing it from Burswood International Resort Hotel & Casino. It has a massive table games offer with 123 games, and more than 1,500 slots. The highlights are the Pai Gow, poker, roulette and baccarat tables. The Pearl Room is where the VIPs hangout, while the Riviera Room is where high-stakes meet high-style. It’s a great destination for the entire family because there is entertainment all year round in the theater, concert hall, swimming pools and the bars & night clubs.

2. The Star

The Star 560x280Sydney’s tourist star with more than 1,500 slot machines and 200 table games, formerly known as the Star City Casino, but now just The Star. This is the second largest Australian casino and Sydney’s most imperious. It was refurbished recently with a budget of $1 billion with an incredible end result. This casino has a nice overlook of the Darling Harbour, and some of the most expensive table games with bet ranges between $25 and $75,000. High rollers can make bets up to $500,000 in the Inner Sanctum. While the fun is in the VIP rooms, mortals have fun too with more 1,500 slots and many table games like Sic Bo, roulette, Pontoon, poker, Pai Gow, Craps, Caribbean Stud, Mini Baccarat, blackjack etc. It’s an incredible resort with many boutiques, spas, bars and clubs, restaurants, gala events, cocktail parties etc.

1. Crown Casino

Crown Casino 560x280This is without a doubt the daddy of all Australian casinos. It features 350 table games and 3,500 slots like no other Australian casino. You can find it in Melbourne sprawling across 510,000 m2, which has earned it the title of being the biggest casino in the Southern Hemisphere of the world.

The slots are very affordable starting from as little as one cent and with so many at hand you can find many popular ones. The table games selection is insane. Actually, Crown Casino is one of the hosts of the Asia-Pacific WSOP and was the venue for the 2005 Main Event when Joe Hachem became the champion.

This casino is best at tending to its customers. Every time you spend money on the games or anywhere in the resort, you get rewards redeemable in the restaurants and hotel rooms. Celebrities that have frequently visited Crown Casino are Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Tom Cruise. It’s one hell of a tourist attraction.