Top 20 Batman Utility Belt Gadgets

latest e1459231165409 560x194Batman has undergone many interactions throughout history. For every era of Batman, we can rest easy knowing that there is one thing that will always remain true, the gadgets are going to be amazingly cool.

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“Where does he get those wonderful toys?” – The Joker, Batman (1989)

If there was any other line more quotable or liked from the first modern Batman movie, we can’t seem to recall. The Joker had it right, Batman does have the best toys and gadgets of any superhero in the DC comic universe. The Batman utility belt has everything from grappling hooks to bat-bombs and everything in between. Here are the coolest gadgets in Batman’s arsenal.

20. Bat Ice-Skates

Bat Ice Skates 560x319

  • Appearances: Batman & Robin (1997)
  • Operation: It pains us to say this but the Bat-Ice Skates are used for, well, fighting the bad guys on ice. It is a forgetful scene but in the beginning of the terrible Batman & Robin, they are forced to run around on ice so they lean back and out pops some blades for skating. Sure, seems logical. But this shows you just how prepared Batman is at all times.

19. Bat Spray

Bat Spray 560x315

  • Appearances: Batman: The Movie (1966)
  • Operation: This is one of those head scratching gadgets in the Batman arsenal but this one was just so perfectly used, it deserved some attention. It goes to show you just how prepared the caped crusader is and how ready he is for any situation.

18. Cape Heat Shield

Heat Shield 560x315

  • Appearances: Batman Forever, The Dark Knight Rises
  • Operation: If Batman can turn his cape into a heat shield, there really is no stopping him. He can now protect himself in almost any environment.

17. Taser

Taser 560x314

  • Appearances: Batman Forever
  • Operation: Although it has never been confirmed to be a taser, it certainly works like one when one of Two-Face’s thugs attempts to take Batman’s weapon.

16. Bat-Bomb

Bat Bomb 560x230

  • Appearances: Batman: The Movie, Batman & Robin, Batman Begins
  • Operation: The Dark Knight doesn’t use guns but he uses just about everything else to paralyze his opponents. The Bat-Bomb is just another tool he has used to defeat his enemy without death.

15. Electric Cowl

Electric Cowl

  • Appearances: The Dark Knight
  • Operation: Don’t ever try to remove Batman’s mask or you might end up feeling a bit of a shock.

14. Remote Electrical Charge Gun (EMP)

EMP 560x286

  • Appearances: The Dark Knight Rises
  • Operation: It was used to shut down a car engine by basically shorting out its circuits. It is the same as a really powerful power surge on your television. Remember when they would blow the bulb out of the tv?

13. Napalm

Napalm 560x315

  • Appearances: Batman Returns
  • Operation: The only time we run into this amazingly underused Batman gadget was when he tossed it at Catwoman in an effort to escape. The gel pack explodes on contact and turns the napalm into an explosive liquid, detering Catwoman immediately.

12. Audio Frequency Jammer

Audio Jammer 560x361

  • Appearances: Batman Returns
  • Operation: One of the best scenes in all of the Batman movies is when Batman is locked in the Batmobile and The Penguin is controlling its every move while also speaking to him, revealing his innermost thoughts about Gotham City. Batman used the jammer to record his audio to be used when the time was right like when the Penguin was giving a speech in front of City Hall.

11. Gauntlets

Gauntlets 560x420

  • Appearances: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises
  • Operation: The gauntlets started off as just a part of the costume but when Christopher Nolan took on the franchise, he added a new use for them. They could now be used block weapon attacks and eventually, once Luscious Fox introduced Bruce Wayne to the weapons warehouse, they could shoot out tiny batarang projectiles.

10. Bat-Cuffs

batcuffs 560x258

  • Appearances: All Batman Films
  • Operation: When does Batman not end up having to arrest a villain or tie up some of the bad guys? Did you think he used a rope?

9. Pneumatic Mangler

Pneumatic Mangler 560x373

  • Appearances: The Dark Knight
  • Operation: Batman always has something up his sleeves, literally. The Pneumatic Mangler is an effective tool that he has attached to his sleeve and can be used to cut even the toughest of metals. He used it to cut the side of Scarecrow’s van, with ease.

8. Smoke Pellet

Smoke 560x316

  • Appearances: Batman (1989) & Batman Begins (2005)
  • Operation: In both movies, the smoke pellet was used as a way to introduce the dark knight to new and old fans alike. It wasn’t something he needed often but he did use it perfectly throughout the movies.

7. Two-Way Watch Communicator

communicator 560x315

  • Appearances: Batman Forever
  • Operation: Years before the invention of an Apple Watch or Moto 360, Batman was using a Dick Tracy like device to communicate with Alfred. Pretty neat, huh?

6. Sonar

Sonar 560x239

  • Appearances: The Dark Knight
  • Operation: Imagine having a device that uses every electronic device to build a visual map of the World so that you could find anyone, anywhere. The Sonar was used for just that reason and it led to Batman finding The Joker in one of the best climaxes of the Christopher Nolan franchise.

5. Bat Signal

Batsignal 560x253

  • Appearances: All Batman Films
  • Operation: The idea of having a giant signal in the sky to alert Batman is brilliant. Not only does it strike fear in the hearts of the villains, it is way cooler than a text from Harvey Dent that reads, “Just left Mayor’s office, Joker looking 4 u…lol”

4. Cape

cape 560x372

  • Appearances: All Batman Films
  • Operation: The cape is the one thing that defines Batman from any other superhero because it reminds us that he is a man dressed as a Bat. But it also has other uses, like earlier when we talked about the heat sheild built into it. Or the fact that it can turn into a glider and let him fly, like a bat.

3. Batarang

Batarang 560x251

  • Appearances: All Batman Films
  • Operation: The batarang as had many different shapes and forms but it is one of the coolest tools Batman owns. It disables, disorients, and disrupts the bad guys causing Batman to remain true to his word of never using lethal force against an opponent.

2. Utility Belt

Utility Belt 560x229

  • Appearances: All Batman Films
  • Operation: How else does Batman carry around anything on this list without his utility belt?

1. Grappling Gun

Grappling Gun 560x315

  • Appearances: All Batman Films
  • Operation: How else is Kim Basinger supposed to get to the catwalk between the two apartment buildings? The grappling gun gives Batman the ability to escape almost any situation and is without question, the most iconic gadget ever used by the Dark Knight.