Ten Star Wars Casting Rumors

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Lets be honest. Star Wars Episode VII will more than likely be populated by actors that you will not have heard of before they appear in a Star Wars movie. There is an even stronger possibility that they will be British. If they happened to appear in a Hammer horror film, then they might well be a main bad guy. This is just a little analysis based on previous casting trends. Every now and then though, there is a seemingly impossible rumor which actually pans out. After all, Samuel L. Jackson actually was in the last three Star Wars movies. The internet is not patient for any type of official announcements so here are the top ten current casting rumors for Star Wars Episode VII (because, hey this is the internet.)

Alex Pettyfer

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Alex Pettyfer actually makes a bit of sense as a Star Wars actor. First of all, Pettyfer is British. If you look through the casting history, Star Wars was all about making the whole universe England, which is partly due to the original filming of the first movie. Pettyfer is also not a household name to the general populace. Granted, audiences may know him from I Am Number Four or maybe Magic Mike, but overall Pettyfer fits into the ‘unknown’ category to a majority of film goers. Pettyfer also has a look that could be considered as part of the Skywalker family. He is blonde, lithe, as well as good at being emotional. As  casting rumors go, this might be one of the more solid ones.

Ray Park

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Granted, the only one really talking about this one is Ray Park. However, you cannot completely dismiss the man who brought both Darth Maul and Snake Eyes to life. You cannot even really completely dismiss the idea of him playing Darth Maul. It all depends on how much stock they are going to put into the Cartoon Network animated series Star Wars : The Clone Wars. In that series, Darth Maul did actually return and they even released a DVD set of episodes. The general point is that if Ray Park wants to go out and kick some ass in your movie… then you let Ray Park go out and kick some ass in your movie. If you have to, put a different mask on him and let him go.

Florence Welch

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The lead singer of Florence and the Machines actually has yet to appear in a movie, which works in her favor when talking about Star Wars casting. Peter Mayhew was an orderly in a hospital when he was cast. As has been said about basketball, you just can’t coach height. Even more, Welch actually looks like she could be the young daughter of Princess Leia and Han Solo. They are probably not actually going to use the name Jaina Solo, but that would be the same general concept. Obviously, there is going to be a new generation featured in Star Wars Episode VII, and Star Wars has always focused on passing down. It will be interesting to see how the expanded universe turns around and incorporates all the new family members they never knew existed for a few decades.

Rachel Hurd-Wood

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Rachel Hurd-Wood has the benefit of being an English actress and was also Wendy Darling in the 2003 version of Peter Pan. That was the one where Peter Pan went up against Lucius Malfoy. In truth, Jason Isaacs would be a wonderful choice for anything up to and including anything you want to name in a Star Wars movie. There is a good chance the Hurd-Wood and Welch would probably be up for the same role. The experience that might put Hurd-Wood over the top is the horribly underrated 2009 version of Dorian Gray. At any rate, it looks like someone is going to get the chance to be the next Natalie Portman out of this.

Zac Efron

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Remember when Disney bought LucasFilm, starting all of this debate? Zac Efron might be the Disney contribution to the new series, because they sure as hell aren’t going to put Mickey Mouse in the film. Efron has lost his ‘it’ bump from High School Musical and may benefit from another highly successful ensemble. As well-known as Efron is, you don’t really want to talk about the success of his films. The only thing driving up the overall average is Hairspray, High School Musical 3, and the fact that he lent his voice to The Lorax.

Efron also has a good sense of humor about the Star Wars franchise. He was actually the voice of Anakin Skywalker in the third Robot Chicken parody of the franchise. Having already ‘played’ grandpa might actually endear Efron to the House of Skywalker. In the same article that mentioned Efron as a possibility, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling were mentioned as well. What is the difference between Efron and those guys? DiCaprio and Gosling both later denied it.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a casting choice for Star Wars Episode VII that has almost as much going for it as going against it. Meyers would have to be a villainous character, considering Meyers is currently playing Dracula in a television series. The last actor to play both Dracula and be in Star Wars was Christopher Lee. It might be interesting to bring on another Count from the Dooku clan in this one as well.

On the flip side, Meyers is Irish and not English. He is also a fairly big star for the Star Wars universe. Of course, in the first installment Star Wars always put in one big star. In the original Star Wars, it was Sir Alec Guinness. In Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, it was Liam Neeson (who was also incidentally Irish.) That might make Meyers a good guy in the ‘dead mentor’ role which might also make a lot of sense. If Rhys Meyers is cast, do not look for him in Star Wars Episode VIII for anything more than a ‘ghost cameo.’

Chloe Moretz

chloe moretz

With the people starting to get attached to this picture, we can at least agree on one thing. There will be at least one headstrong hot chick in the Amidala / Leia mode whose hormones are on permanent tequila and will fall in love with the bad boy in the closest proximity. The real question on every one’s mind is whether this particular character or actress is going to get fitted for a metal bikini.

For her part, Moretz seems absolutely down with the rumor as well as playing the part. For those of you who may not know the name instantly, she played Hit-Girl in the Kick Ass movies. However, the real role that you need to see her in is as Carolyn Stoddard in Tim Burton’s remake of Dark Shadows. Moretz also makes a bit of sense from the Disney family’s point of view. Moretz was the voice of Darby in the Disney Channel series My Friends Tigger and Pooh.

Benedict Cumberbatch

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Cumberbatch would seem to be in the same boat as Rhys Meyers. Would he honestly dedicate six years of his life to the Star Wars franchise which he currently does not need to further his career? Could he even do such a thing at this point and time? Honestly, he probably could not.

On the flip side, could he make another film with J.J. Abrams and shoot a couple of ‘ghost cameos’ in subsequent movies if needed? Now, you are starting to get a bit more reasonable. This would lead one to believe that (if the rumors are true) that both Cumberbatch and Rhys Meyers are being considered for the same role. From that vein, it would also make an inordinate amount of sense. You are not going to have Cumberbatch and Rhys Meyers in the same movie. However, the actors are so comparable that it would seem like there is a role in the movie which would be interchangeable and make sense for both or either.

John Noble

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If John Noble does Star Wars, he would never have to act again after it. Between Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Fringe, and Star Wars; Noble could do sci-fi conventions living out of comfortable hotels for the rest of his life. The experience that would really set Noble apart for a role (especially if he was Sith) would be that of Lord Denethor in Return of the King. Ostensibly, Denethor was supposed to be one of the good guys holding back the threat of Sauron. However, left to his own devices, Gondor would certainly have fallen to the armies of Mordor. Also, his clear favoritism of even a dead Boromir over a living Faramir is exactly the type of character which would set him apart in the Star Wars universe.

Ideally, Noble would play an old salty Imperial, bitter to the end of his days about losing to the ‘New Republic.’ In that vein, Star Wars could take its inspiration from Confederate Generals who would have honestly not wanted to live to see a Union victory. It would also be a wonderful reminder of the talent that Noble truly is.

Ian McDiarmid

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The most fascinating rumor to hit the mill so far is that Ian McDiarmid may actually return for the new trilogy. In truth, Palpatine / Darth Sidious has been the central evil through the first six movies. It would make some sense that he is not the central evil in Episodes VII-IX.

The question would turn into what form Palpatine would take and how he would have lived. There are a few ways to do this. The first and most obvious way would be that he did not, he could be a ghost. Even as a ghost, he would still be dangerous. Remember, Sauron did not have a corporeal form in the Lord of the Rings saga. Voldemort had a spirit but not a body through several of the Harry Potter books. Palaptine was the one who told Anakin about the legend of Darth Plagueis. Palpatine fully expected his apprentice to one day try to kill him. That was the entire nature of the relationship, so there is the chance that he made precautions.

Think about the fact that Jango Fett had an unaltered clone made of himself. If Palpatine did the same thing at the same time, then it would be roughly 36 years until the Return of the Jedi. If you added another 32 years onto that, then you have 68 years. Why is that important? Ian McDiarmid is currently 69 years old. If your clone is your failsafe against your apprentice, then it would be the best kept secret in the galaxy…until it was really time.