Top Fifteen Reasons the Cowboys Released Terrell Owens

I was an atheist before I heard the Cowboys released Terrell Owens. Now I believe in God. And here are the top fifteen reasons the Cowboys did it. Oh T.O., we hardly knew ye. No wait, that’s not right…


15. Cowboys finally realized, “Hey, isn’t he that guy who…”

14. Wanted to test Owens’ suicide story.

13. New stadium ran out of Popcorn.

terrell owens popcorn dallas feature 300x203

12. ‘Straight Cash Homey’, oh wait, wrong Prima Donna.

11. Heard Plaxico Burress might be available, were looking for more ‘street cred’

plaxicoburress2 300x187

10. Owens wanted to make his own team with Adam “Pac-Man” Jones and Michael Vick.

9. Jason Witten was tired of sharing Tony Romo‘s love.

romo owens1

8. Owens is ready to start his illustrious NBA career.

terrellowens 400 060518fina

7. It was Ed Werder’s Birthday.

6. Producers of ‘Hard Knocks’ wanted more drama.

5. Heard Redskins were out of cap space, wanted to see Dan Snyder have a ‘hissy fit’.


4. He signed up for the next season of Dancing with the Stars.

3. He went Bitch on them

2. Roy Williams is just as good at dropping passes


1. Jerry Jones entered a crazy contest. Your move Al Davis.

aldavis 300x244

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