Top Five Sexiest Serial Killers

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Serial killers are some of the most reviled and heartless people in history, but they sure can be cute! Below is a compiled list of the most sensual slayers.


Gary Ridgway


This hunk knows how to love and has experience with women. He loves long walks in the forest by the moonlight. His passion will leave ladies wetter than the Green River.


Dennis Rader


What a cutie! Watch out for this one, he’s a little kinky. In the bedroom, he’ll Bind, Tickle and Kiss you!


Richard Ramirez

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Stare into his dark, soulless eyes. This “Night Talker” loves deep conversations, so you’ll be in the palm of his hand by morning.


Ted Bundy


This guy will charm the pants right off of you! He’s a very devoted guy who doesn’t believe in the phrase “til death do us part”!


John Wayne Gacy


There won’t be a dull conversation when you talk to this bad boy with extra to love! He’ll make you laugh ’til it hurts!