Top Ten Bulls vs. Celtics Moments

Last night as many of you know the Boston Celtics defeated the Chicago Bulls in game 7 of arguably the most exciting and even greatest playoff series of all time.  With a total of 4 overtime games played in this series these teams fought hard and long in this series. The underdog Bulls against the Celtics, defending champions of the NBA…who would have thought that of all the round 1 series, that this would be the best one. The thrilling series was filled with a ton of great moments. Our friends over at The Love of Sports have compiled a list of the ten best moments from this thrilling series.

10. Brad Miller’s Back-To-Back Three-Pointer & Layup

Game 6. The Bulls are down by five with a 1:10 left in the fourth quarter. Ben Gordon passes the ball to Miller, who’s at the top of the key. Miller’s a center, so you’d think he wouldn’t be able to shoot that shot, right? Wrong! Miller makes the clutch shot to bring the Bulls back to within two. Surely, that was just a fluke from a desperate man whose team is out of the playoffs, right? Wrong again! The next time down the court, with only 33 seconds left, Hinrich passes to Miller at the top of the key and he drives it to the basket for the layup. The game would of ended differently if Miller hadn’t stepped up. These plays started my adrenaline run for the rest of Game 6.”

Original article at The Love of Sports