Top Ten Celebrities Who Had Abortions

5284193 09b9b1472cJanuary 22, 2011 marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in the United States. For all the ladies who have had abortions out there, here is a list of famous women who also underwent the procedure. Quite some company, I’d say.

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Margaret Cho

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“Babies scare me more than anything,” Cho once said. “Cho is the ugliest, most obnoxious and disgusting woman on the planet,” replied all the babies. Cho is also No. 10 on Gunaxin’s female stand-up comics who are not funny.


Maureen McCormick

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So Marcia Brady was considered hot and was the dream of every teenage boy who watched the Brady Bunch, but she turned out to be a drug and sex addict. All of those guys who wanted to nail her only really needed an eight ball and broom closet.


Billie Jean King

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Yes, even lesbians have abortions.


Sherri Shepherd

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Shepherd, a co-host on The View, said before she converted to Christianity, “I was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count.”


Joan Collins

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Warren Beatty knocked her up, persuaded her to have an abortion (when it was still illegal), then married her. I thought the whole point of abortion was so you could avoid marriage.


Lil’ Kim

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I heard this was Biggie Smalls’ kid in there. Lil’ Biggie. But Faith Evans had his kid so she won the marriage sweepstakes.


Margot Kidder

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There you have it, even Lois Lane had an abortion. Best Kidder moment: When she went nuts in L.A. in 1996.


Ani DiFranco

Ani in Mothering Magazine ani difranco 1230212 1386 1086 300x235

For some reason, I always thought the women who get abortions are the spoiled Catholic rich girls who get knocked up in high school, while it’s the outspoken feminists like DiFranco who only march for the rights but never actually exercise it. Maybe it was a credibility thing. I stand corrected.


Whoopi Goldberg

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As a teenager, Whoopi abused drugs and engaged in promiscuous activities, getting pregnant and having a self-inflicted coat hanger abortion. Four more abortions ensued.


Gloria Steinem

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She pretty much had to have one just to keep her street cred.


Chelsea Handler. Handler likes to talk about how she got knocked up as a teenager, wanted to keep the baby, but was instructed by her parents to have the abortion. After all, Handler said, the child would’ve been half-black (you know, like Barak Obama).

Penny Marshall – Laverne had a child only because abortion wasn’t legal at the time (and has since claimed she was glad she didn’t have a choice). But when she got pregnant after Roe vs. Wade, she aborted (the reason being… because she already had a kid).

Chris Evert – Jimmy Connors claims Evert’s abortion was the beginning of the end of their relationship.

Sharon Osbourne – Osbourne describes her abortion as one of the biggest mistakes of her life, and that she had a hard time conceiving children for many years after that.

Shelley Winters – Winters had two abortions, and was later quotes: “I am a very lonely woman. I would give everything – my money, my Academy Awards, my career – if only I could have those children now.”

Toni Braxton – In her memoir, Unbreak My HeartBraxton revealed that she was wracked with guilt after she had an abortion.

Sinead O’Connor – She wrote about her unborn (aborted) child two weeks later in a song called “My Special Child.

Stevie Nicks – had four abortions. “To give up four babies is to give up a lot that would be here now. So that bothers me, a lot, and really breaks my heart.”

Charlotte Dawson – now deceased, she wrote that her depression was triggered by her abortion with ex-husband and Olympic swimmer Scott Miller.

Interesting video about Ms. magazine convincing celebrities to acknowledge having an abortion.