Top Ten Fictional Ninjas

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In anticipation of Ninja Assassin (more on that at the bottom of this article) coming out in theaters, let’s take a look at the top fictional ninjas. I’m sure that the Gunaxin: Japan website will see this differently so forgive us if we haven’t heard of awesome fictional ninjas that haven’t been introduced into American culture. According to the Gunaxin: France website, Jerry Lewis is the best actor ever and you don’t hear me arguing.


Higure, the Still Wind
Magic The Gathering

mtgcom arcana 732 pic3 en 560x424Magic dorks, this one is for you. May be a bit obscure, but you have to admit the artwork is pretty sweet. Higure was essentially the leader of the Ninjas in the Betrayers of Kamigawa set of Magic the Gathering, released in 2005. Yep, they’re still making these cards, so someone must be buying them.


Marvel Comics

deadpool3 560x315

Not exactly the quietest ninja, Deadpool enters a room, guns ab-lazin’.


Joe Musashi

joe musashi

Popular character from Sega in the 80s.


Marvel Comics/X-Men

Definitely number one on the Top Ten Hottest Ninja list.


Ryu Hayabusa
Ninja Gaiden

doa4ryu 560x420Ryu Hayabusa is the player character of the Ninja Gaiden series as well as a playable character in the Dead or Alive series.


Sub-Zero, Kitana, Reptile, Scorpion
Mortal Kombat

Sub ZerovsScorpionWallpapernamelift 560x447

Cause the ninjas NEVER lose in this game.


Marvel Comics/Daredevil

elektraWhile the cartoon version of Elektra is hot, Jennifer Garner, who played the role in two films, is even hotter.


Firefly, Jinx, Kamakura, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow
GI Joe

fondosnakeeyesstormshadow01 560x420

Forget the patriotic Americanism, we really watched this show for some ninja action.


Beverly Hills Ninja

Beverly Hills Ninja ps02Chris Farley lived just long enough to make some classic films that we will be enjoying for centuries to come.


Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

teenage mutant ninja turtles(Also props to Splinter, Venus and Shredder.)

Obviously the best version of these guys were the 80s-90s cartoons. Unfortunately, finding a video on Youtube for that is very difficult now because the copyright police are hard at work. So here is the 2003 TV show intro. It’s awful.

Honorable Mention

South Park

Cartman Ninja 256x256

From Season 8: Ninja Battle. Yeah, this single episode deserves mention, particularly when Cartman uses his ninja invisibility powers to sneak across the stage unnoticed.

Fictional Ninjas Who Suck

  • Ask A Ninja
  • Nightbird, Transformers
  • Ninja Breadman
  • Ninja Robot, Ninja Terminator
  • Ninjor, Masters of the Universe
  • Revanche, X-Men Comics
  • Super Ninja, Chuck Norris and the Karate Commandos
  • Surf Ninjas
  • Three Ninjas
  • Uma Arachnis, Sonic the Hedgehog Comics

Now, let’s all become ninjas ourselves. Since there is no time to train, let’s skip to the part where we buy the gear.


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