Top Ten Flicks From Low Budget Pictures

logoChris Seaver has been making original horror comedies for almost twenty years now. His low budget laugh fests are the most original things you can find on DVD today. To get you started here are the top ten flicks of his:

10. Ski Wolf

Combining the silliness of Teen Wolf with…well, the silliness of Ski School gives us one of LBP’s most ambitious projects.

9. Carnage For The Destroyer

Young Sebastian is ready to lead his minions in creating the greatest horror house attraction ever. Unfortunately, they summon a blood thirsty madman who begins to lay waste to the crew.

8. Mulva 2: Kill Teen Ape

In the sequel to Mulva, Zombie Ass Kicker, we get a loving homage to Tarantino’s Kill Bill with the perfect LBP flavor to give it a little kick.

7. Wet Heat

Taking a regular LBP character like Teen Ape and injecting him into an Escape From New York inspired storyline is pure genius .

6. Teenape Goes To Camp

Can’t get enough of the disgusting primate that leads the LBP band of merry makers? Good, here’s a goof fest with a twist ending you will never see coming.

5. Karaoke Kid

A break for the normal mold of an LBP flick, The Karaoke Kid combines the love of karaoke with the madness we have come to expect from Chris Seaver.

4. Destruction Kings

Teenape and Bonejack have to destroy Dracula, The Wolfman and Funkenstein. Yes, I said Funkenstein. You got a problem with that?

3. Terror At Bloodfart Lake

One of the newest flicks with the delectable Nicola Fiore. Seaver and the gang harpoon the slasher flick like only they can.

2. Deathbone

Need a combination of Rambo and Conan? Need an epic fantasy that will thrill you to the very marrow? Need me to stop asking questions? Fine! Watch the damned trailer.

1. I Spit Chew On Your Grave

Exploitation film making at it’s purest. It’s what Grindhouse tried to be with a budget that wouldn’t have covered the Tarantino/Rodriguez catering budget. Hell, the fake trailers cost more to make than this flick and this flick gets it right. So right.

There you are. The world of Chris Seaver in a demented nutshell. For more info head on over to Low Budget Pictures. You’ll be glad you did.