Top Ten Funniest Fictional Babies

As a general rule on television, kids aren’t funny. They’re too young to deliver anything other than ‘awwe that’s cute’ laughter and they’re rarely really laugh-out-loud funny. There are, of course, exceptions, and Gunaxin even ranked them for television. But let’s take it a step back and examine the funniest babies. There aren’t any. So we’ll examine the funniest fictional babies.


Little Jack
Meet the Fockers


Little Jack gets a spot on this list because he remembers and constantly repeats the word ‘Ass-‘ole.’



etrade babies 300x168

Typically, talking babies are creepy, but the dialogue is humorous enough to keep us interested. This is all despite the fact that E*Trade is no longer even close to the best place to have your money.


Pubert Addams
Addams Family Values

pubert3 300x221

Pubert gets a spot simply because of his name. His shenanigans were hokey but… come on… his name is Pubert! That’s hilarious!


Ike Moishe Broflovski
South Park

ike 236x300

The Canadian-born Ike is more cute than funny, but occasionally repeats the proper words that his big brother Kyle will say, and is often surrounded with a historical subplot for him to deliver the humor.


Maggie Simpson
The Simpsons

MaggieSimpson8 300x222

Compared to the other, Maggie is more cute than laugh-out-loud funny, but she’s had good moments and I’d be crucified if I left baby Simpson off this list.


Shrek’s Babies
Shrek the Third

shrek8 300x225

Baby ogres running around releasing all sorts of gas and solids is too good to miss.


Jack-Jack Parr
The Incredibles

jack jack incredibles
A superhero baby! His powers? He morphs into the lovechild of the Tazmanian Devil and… the devil.

Here is a parody video:


Bamm-Bamm Rubble
The Flintstones

Bamm Bamm+Rubble
There isn’t really much to this character other than him running around and smashing things. The bit never got old.


Baby Herman
Who Framed Roger Rabbit

babyherman 300x225

This was Stewie Griffin before Family Guy. Baby Herman set the bar for wise-cracking smartass babies.


Stewie Griffin
Family Guy

stewie griffin 1144 296x300

This is an obvious choice and we make no apologies for it. No other baby in pop culture has delivered more outrageous laughs than Stewie Griffin, who is hellbent on world domination and isn’t quite sure if he’s homosexual or not. Kudos goes to that redheaded baby that he’s at odds with.