Top Ten Funny SB XLIX Commercials

NASCAR 560x219Super Bowl Commercials are typically as good as the game, if not better. This year was certainly a mixed bag, with some really missing the mark. Many of the spots were trying to make us feel, rather than laugh. Maybe we’re immature, but we prefer our Super Bowl advertising to be light and humorous. The game was so tight and so good, the advertising actually disappointed in comparison. There were some gems though that still made us laugh, and we’ve selected our ten favorites to share below. Since we’ve already highlighted top automotive commercials in their own feature, we’ve excluded those spots here. These were the funniest ads of Super Bowl XLIX :

10) Bud Light : Real Life PacMan

9) Mophie : All-Powerless

8) : It’s That Easy

7) Clash of Clans : Revenge

6) Snickers : The Brady Bunch

5) NASCAR : America Start Your Engines

4) Esurance : Say My Name

3) Loctite Super Glue : Positive Feelings

2) Avocados : First Draft Ever

1) Doritos : Middle Seat