Top Ten Gabrielle Anwar Movies

Gabrielle Anwar1

Sure, we all know Gabrielle Anwar as the incredibly hot, extremely psychotic ex-girlfriend on USA’s Burn Notice, but before that she did movies. Lots of weird, wonderful movies.┬áThis will give you things to watch when Burn Notice is on reruns.



Killer Buzz

That’s right, it’s killer bees on a plane! Why not? Besides not only do you get the lovely Anwar, but Rutger Hauer brings his personal brand of crazy to the game.


Body Snatchers

I have three words for you:
Gabrielle. Anwar. Naked.
That’s all you need for this.


If Looks Could Kill

A Richard Grieco vehicle when he was popular? Perfect for Ms. Anwar!


Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

A stellar cast with the vivacious Ms. Anwar. Magic, baby! Pure magic!


The Marsh

Anwar in a good old fashioned creepfest.


Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal

Anwar teams with Craig Sheffer and Rutger Hauer again to bring us the best of the series.


Innocent Lies

Have we done an erotic thriller yet? Well, here ya go.


Crazy Eights

Gabrielle Anwar and Traci Lords? GOLD!



William Forsythe & Tony Todd? A murder game played on something called Facespace? And Gabrielle Anwar? Perfection!


Scent Of A Woman

Of course I saved this for last! And instead of a stuffy old trailer, how about the Tango scene? I knew you would approve.