Top Ten Movie Sets Ever Built

WaterWorld 560x203Epic summer blockbusters often require epic sets. While its become commonplace to create massive backdrops in CGI these days, some movie makers prefer to do it the old way. A practical set has the benefit of being much more realistic, but can be quite costly to build. CineFix has produced a video featuring the ten coolest movie sets that actually existed in real life. From sprawling period sets to digital landscapes, these sets really helped provide a world before the rest of the movie was brought to life.

Hobbiton 560x233

Some of the most impressive include the 4.1 million square foot Gotham City in Batman that took up 18 whole sound stages to build. Or how about the Roman Forum in Cleopatra, which the production company had to build twice in both Rome and London. The video below features the incredible Hobbiton set from The Lord of the Rings and the zero gravity set from Apollo 13. All of those are great, but CineFix names the underwater set of The Abyss as the top movie set with its seven million gallon tank which allowed the film to be shot entirely underwater. The video kicks off with the only serious honor that Water World has ever received…

  1. The Abyss’ Underwater Set
  2. Apollo 13’s Apollo 13
  3. Dau’s Recreation of 1950’s Moscow
  4. The Lord of the Rings’ Hobbiton
  5. The Lego Movie’s Bricksburg
  6. Dogville’s Painted Walls Minimalist Set
  7. Metropolis’ City
  8. Cleopatra’s Roman Forum
  9. Batman’s Gotham City
  10. Waterworld’s The Atoll