Top Ten Ugliest Cartoon Characters Ever

ugly cartoonsIt’s not just about poorly-drawn characters, because if it were, South Park would take the cake. But South Park is so well-written and voiced that the lack of effort in the animation department can easily be overlooked. Instead, this list contains characters that are entirely unpleasant to look at under any circumstances.


Beavis and Butthead
Beavis and Butthead

bandb 300x243

These guys are hideous.


Edna Mode
The Incredibles


Pixar is amazing. The animation is top-notch. So when they created an ugly character, it’s punctuated by the fact that so there’s so much detail. Unlike every other character on this list, a lot of thought and effort went into bringing this beast to life.


Peppermint Patty


I think when Charles Schultz drew Peppermint Patty for the first time, this thought went through his head: “Let me draw a hideously ugly dyke.”


Mr. Mackey
South Park

mrmackey 136x300

I know I already said that South Park is immune to this list, but I’ll make an exception for this character.


Ren and Stimpy
Ren and Stimpy

renandstimpy 300x225

Do I really have to explain?


Professor Farnsworth

biofarnsworth 229x300

Just about the entire cast of Futurama belongs on this list, but this character in particular makes me cringe.


Family Guy

oldman 300x205

This character is ugly on so many different levels. His voice is atrocious, he’s a pedophile and his chin looks like an ass. I love Family Guy, but when this character comes on, I itch to turn the show off.


Toot Braunstein
Drawn Together

toot braunstein 2 300x240

I hate to even dignify this show, Drawn Together, by giving it a spot on this list, but I cringe even further when this character comes on. Yes, she’s meant to entertain by doing outright disgusting things, like puking and cutting her wrists, and it’s just as painful to watch.


The Simpsons
The Tracey Ullman Show

300 123329

I didn’t really think about it at the time because I was too busy laughing, but years later, looking back at the early artwork of the Simpsons, those characters were creepy looking for sure.


Olive Oyl

637346 oliveoyl large 140x300

Olive Oyl is perhaps the stupidest character of all time who is supposed to be the love interest in a cartoon. To think that Popeye and Bluto are fighting over her?

Honorable Mentions: Patty, Selma and Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. Did I miss any? Discuss.